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"Anything for the shot" is the mantra for my shoot with Sora. The concept is hers, a "fish out of water" story built around her mermaid persona. She wanted to do a winter scene near a body of water where a mermaid wouldn't typically be seen, so we chose a small creek on a historical interpretive trail near my home. This shoot was done in February, so that's real snow, and it was cold. She was a trooper and showed absolute dedication to her concept by being out there in that costume. On balance, she did have a chair and blanket for warm-up breaks every 20 minutes or so, but I spent the better part of two hours belly down in that snow. Anything for the shot. The images do contain a few rookie mistakes, as it was one of my earliest modeling shoots, but they just add character, and I'm incredibly proud of this shoot. It's easily one of my favorites.

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